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Agro Sourcing Limited is working to curtail Agricultural wastage in Sub- Saharan Africa. We do this by creating an efficient logistics management system that integrates farms, storage facilities and local transport in rural farming communities. Added to this we actively facilitate value addition efforts of major agricultural produce and post-harvest residue that have industrial applications. We currently use Coconut Husk to produce Charcoal as a household and industrial fuel. This eco-friendly fuel reduces the incidence of deforestation in Africa since no tree is cut to produce it. Our brand of briquette Charcoal is called GREENCOAL. We also use Cocoa Pods to produce Potassium Carbonate salt for sale to local cosmetic industries who use it to produce the African Black Soap.


Our Logistics management system connects Processing Companies and Produce Exporters to consistent, timely and cost-efficient supply of their needed agricultural produce or residue


Our brand of eco-friendly briquette Charcoal is made from Coconut Husk and Rice Husk. GreenCoal is made to burn for long and produce very little smoke.


We use Cocoa Pods to produce Potassium Carbonate Salt for delivery to local cosmetics companies who use it to Produce the African Black Soap

Below are the capable hands behind Agro Sourcing Limited
Richmond Zissu Nutsuglo

Richmond Zissu Nutsuglo

Chief Executive Officer

Richmond Zissu Nutsuglo studied Agricultural Science at the University of Ghana and majored in Post Harvest Technology. He worked as a farm advisor at the Tema Naval Base of the Ghana Armed Forces. Afterwards, Richmond became a farm manager for 2 private Greenhouse farms at Asesewa-Akateng in the Eastern Region of Ghana. In 2016 he began work at the British Council Ghana as a project assistant. Richmond's vast knowledge on post harvest technologies has been invaluable to the Agro Sourcing team

Joseph Bryden

Joseph Bryden

Chief Operations Officer

Joseph Bryden is a technokrat from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and majored in Metallurgy. He continued to attain a diploma in Fire Engineering from the Institute of Fire Engineers, UK. Joseph worked with the Ghana National Fire Service for 8 years as a senior officer and left with the rank of Assistant Divisional Officer Grade 1. Joe Bryden is bent on revolutionizing the use and value addition of agro residues that go waste after every harvest period

Isaac Danso Asiedu

Isaac Danso Asiedu

Chief Technical Officer

Isaac Danso Asiedu is a trained Aerospace Engineer from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. He received a certificate from the Ghana Air Force School of Trade Training for his Aircraft Systems training. Isaac developed a love for software development and nurtured a dream of building scalable solutions to the many problems in the Ghanaian society. Isaac's experience in systems design and product development has been of immense benefit to the Agro Sourcing team. Isaac is confident that Agro Sourcing Limited will in the very near future be the leader in innovative logistics management systems in the Agricultural sector in Africa.

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